Thursday, March 24, 2011

Awkward and Awesome!

-the fact that I can tell that some weeks my only posts are going to be on Thursday for this very special occasion
-big wigs who never show up when they say they will. Supposedly our dear Mr. Chang (found and CEO of F21) is in town and scheduled to visit our lovely store. I got all dolled up today and followed every rule, hoping to meet him or at least catch a glimpse. But alas, he skipped out.
-this didn't happen today, but yesterday the wind threw a fit...and my skirt up. If anyone was around they saw eeeeverything. super awkward.
-my hair today resembles a lion's mane. Sometimes awesome, mostly awkard.
-not ever having pictures on the blog. woops.

-I got a compliment from almost every person I work with today about my outfit. It's just a red maxi dress but apparently it works on me :)
-work today in general was awesome. When the bosses are in a good mood, you know it'll be a good day.
-getting off at a decent hour so I can go to small group!! I love our married couples small group so much, and I've only been twice. Our leaders are amazing examples of great parents, and I know we have a ton to learn from them.
-husband getting to take a little cat nap. I feel so bad for him because he's tired all the time. Gotta take rest where you can get it!

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