who I am

I am kelly.

I am a work permanently in progress. I am learning to be broken, shaped, molded and grown the way He needs it to happen. I am learning to keep my mind clear of clutter and accept every emotion that comes my way, some to be released and some to be embraced.

I love to sing. I can finish a good book in less than a week. I'll listen to the same album, the same song, or the same part of a song over and over if it makes me feel good. I'm learning to embrace the beauty and strength that comes with quality friendships with other women. I can't keep a calendar consistently, but I always act as my husband's personal assistant and organizer. Since getting married, I've become 10x more attracted to small things: kitties, puppies, babies, etc. We have one cat, and I'm in love. I feel like I have a lot of creativity floating around inside me, but I haven't yet recognized the best ways to get it out

I'm married to my best friend, Robert. He loves anime, video games, cars and many other man-related pastimes. He is the most loving and patient man that I know. One of the first things I learned about him was that he has more over-sized, expensive polo shirts than any one man should own. He has the best sense of humor, and he appreciates all of the things about me that I forget about. Give him a small piece of information on a subject, and he'll start talking about it like he is an expert. He's smart. He's handsome. For some reason, he is completely in love with me.

{photo credit: Rachel Fesko Photography}

I am in transition. Learning who I am, who I will be and how to get there from here.