Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Baby Steps

I always have insanely high expectations for myself beyond midnight.
I listen to music that makes me feel good (Sia - We Are Born), I read some inspiring blogs that make me want to save the world and be a better person (my favorite right now - "life lessons"), I browse around tumblr until I find a million things that make me want to be creative, and all of a sudden I think tomorrow is going to be the best, most creative, most productive day of my life.

I'm usually disappointed.

As with most things in life, baby-steps are key. So for tomorrow:
-coffee. Lauren challenged me to go a week and have a cup of coffee first thing in the morning to get myself started and productive. It literally lasted a week, but I need to get back to it because it was actually helpful. So tomorrow I will have my coffee.
-I've snagged an extra short shift at work tomorrow, which I'm looking forward to. It's short enough not to take away from my day, but it's enough to get more hours. Win.
-going to the shop (read: Christian Family Automotive. It will almost always be known as "the shop") and finishing up all thank-you cards for customers in March. This is about the only helpful thing I've been doing lately at the shop so I need to stick with it.
-small group! I love the married couples small group we're a part of. I learn something new about marriage and/or parenting every week.

So those are the necessary things happening tomorrow. Also on the agenda is to write one page of something in my notebook, whether it's a prayer or a thankful list.

I can do it.

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