Saturday, July 27, 2013

Tiny Home Update

A lot has changed and a lot has stayed the same in the last 4 months. Four months ago I posted some pictures of a tiny home we saw in Asheville and how we weren't planning on living in anything quite so small.


Things have changed.

Our house will be bigger than the 117 square foot Lusby (see previous entry) but not by much. We're planning on building a mix between the CypressFencl and Linden models that you can see at the Tumbleweed website. We have purchased the framing plans for the Cypress 20, but we're going to design the inside however we want (once we figure that out).

Some rough details to start:

-the house will be roughly 144 sq feet
-it will be built on a trailer that is roughly 8x20ft
-we plan to build it at the shop that we own, drive it from there to the property we end up with, and then leave it stationary there
-we plan to live there semi-permanently (a couple of years) until we decide to build a bigger home
-we're super excited!!

We put a down payment on our trailer this week. We purchased a custom built trailer from Kaufman Trailers here in North Carolina. Our trailer should be finished in 4-6 weeks, during which time we'll be collecting raw materials and getting our general plans together for the layout of the house. Our goal is to begin working on the trailer as soon as it gets here.

Today, Robert and I went around to a couple places to get some ideas for materials, decorations, and plans. There are a couple of Habitat for Humanity ReStores in our area, and we also went to Lowe's. In a lot of cases, the prices at a bigger store like Lowe's are similar to what you can find repurposed. It all depends on what you're looking for. The beauty of building a tiny home is that even if the individual materials are just as expensive (if not more so in the case of custom windows and doors), you need less of them!

We're both really excited about moving forward with this. Our family is moderately to incredibly supportive. Our finances are mostly in order. The next step is to start getting rid of some things and keep looking for materials so we can start building soon!

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