Friday, January 7, 2011

new beginnings

my name is kelly.

i am 22 years old and on december 29, 2010 i married my best friend. his name is robert, and he is the most amazing, caring man i've ever met. he's intelligent, brave, strong, and incredibly funny.

our story is kind of awesome. we've been following each other around the country for years, really. i was born in white plains, ny just 20 minutes away from his childhood home in connecticut. while i was living with my family in mauldin, sc, he was working in the same town and going to college at clemson. and when i moved up to the charlotte area to go to winthrop, he moved to charlotte, too. finally, during my sophomore year of college we met while serving at elevation church and the rest is history.

our wedding was...nonexistent. we got married by a magistrate with two of our closest friends for witnesses and no one else. it was wonderful and stress free and i wouldn't change it. not even for my angry mother.
from here on out, this blog is a way for me to document and process my thoughts, feelings and experiences during my brand spanking new marriage. i'm sure 2011 is going to be a wonderful year.


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