Saturday, March 5, 2011


This week in Charlotte is Love Week. It's an amazing week of serving our city with the many churches in our community. There are 26 churches in all, and our goal was to serve 25,000 hours altogether in one week. So far we're at 22,039 and we have one whole day  left. It's pretty crazy to see what can happen when the Church comes together to serve the ones who really need it.

This week, Robert and I volunteered with our small group at Samaritan's Feet. We organized a bunch of shoes and got them ready to ship out to various countries around the world. It's crazy, they told us that through Love Week, our volunteers did about 3 months of work for them! They rely heavily on volunteers, so it's awesome to know that in one week so many people did so much. Robert and I had a great time helping out. But I felt so puny when I found out that one of the teenage guys in our church committed throughout the week to volunteering 50 HOURS. On his own. dang. So he took the week off of his job and just straight up volunteered all week long, and he's planning on going on a mission trip with Samaritan's Feet later this year to do a shoe distribution. That's crazy dedication for a teenager. But honestly, it's not uncommon around here. There are so many amazing kids that go to our church, it's unreal. I don't think I realized how many dedicated and sold out kids there were in the world. I love it that there are kids so much younger than me teaching me so much about being like Christ.

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