Sunday, February 27, 2011

You Reap What You Sow

 I feel so blessed to be under the leadership of Pastor Furtick. It's ridiculous how anointed he is, and it's obvious that the Lord has blessed him with an amazing message for Charlotte and beyond.

This morning's message was on honor. It's something we talk about often at church, and it's something that Pastor and our staff feel strongly about. The whole sermon was really powerful, but on a tangent towards the end of the message, he said something that really struck me.

Part of it is because I'm trying to read a certain number of chapters a day and part of it is just the way I always am, but often times I end up walking away from my quiet time or devotional time with God without much impact. I feel good because I know I've spent time in His word, but I know I could have gotten more out of it. Pastor talked today about how we reap what we sow. When I give honor to God and His word, I get the most out of it. When we show up to a sermon with a posture of worship and learning, that's when we really "get something" from it. When we are lazy or fall asleep in church (I swear pastor just straight up called someone out for that today haha), that's when we walk out complaining about how it wasn't a great sermon. Maybe the reason I feel like God isn't speaking into my life most days is because I'm not bringing Him anything, not even myself. If I'm not making a conscious effort to bring my best to God (my posture, my attention, my focus), then I'm probably not going to receive any inspiration words from Him during my quiet time.


  1. Good point, I like this. Thanks :)

  2. You are so lovely for reading all that & for such a wonderful response. Thank you x x