Thursday, February 24, 2011

So I work in retail and even though it's not the most difficult job anyone has ever had, it's truly a pain most days. People are rude, and every day the store gets trashed and it's our (highly repetitive) duty to clean it. Now, I know what you're thinking. "But's RETAIL. That's what retailers DO!" I know, I know, but that doesn't make it fun.


I want to be thankful for something, so here's my list:

-I get to listen to music allllll day long. and some pretty great music at that. some of my favorites right now:
::marina and the diamonds
::vampire weekend
I actually have a playlist on my ipod of like 40 songs that I love so much from work that I want to hear them all the time. 
-I work with people who love to work with me because they know I'm not playing. I get stuff done. Seriously, I may be the best clothes straightener you have ever met. Just maybe.
-My co-workers are hilarious. I think we're all just at weird stages in our lives that we come out with ridiculous stories and jokes. I laugh a lot at work.
-Though I assume most of the people shopping around me are rude based solely on the way they are tearing my racks apart and throwing stuff on the floor, I meet a lot of cool people from church who have seen me before. I think I've personally met more people from church at work than actual church.
-I spend a lot of daydreaming and/or praying. Being in an undesirable place has grown my love for the places and people I love.

So there. If I ever need a reminder that working as a lowly sales associate in retail is not THE worst thing in the world, this is it.


  1. What a great attitude to have!! I bet you brighten a lot of people's days as well.

  2. Hey Kelly, thanks for reading! I LOVE the name of your blog, and the verse [and song] that go with it.
    It seems we follow some of the same bloggers :)
    Anyway, lovely to hear from you. Thanks for the encouragement.
    I totally know how you feel about that retail stuff you wrote about here, I worked in restaurants for 5 years and it's very similar. Good on you for reminding yourself of the bright side. I should really do this more often.
    Here's one more thing to add to your list:
    If you make more than $2 a day, you're richer than BILLIONS of people. Crazy, huh?
    Guess those retail jobs aren't so "lowly" after all.