Thursday, July 14, 2011

Summer Cleaning

I decided this week that it's time to clean up some things in my life. I think I've been doing the same things, the same way, with the same view for so long that I've just been in a bit of a trance. So this week I woke up a little and decided to do some cleaning.

I spent the last couple days purging my tumblr dashboard and ridding it of all the useless images and subjects on it. I've been flooding my eyes with trash for the longest time, and it's time to get a grip on things and give my brain a break. I've been trying to shove so much through my mind's filter that not enough good, beautiful and lovely things are getting through.

I made a new list on my listography of general goals, such as devoting a set time to writing/singing/creative outlets, developing a mission for my life and an idea of who I really want to be, volunteering with some local organizations (especially ones that help children), and having a bit more structure in my planning.

As always, a general goal for myself is to dive into Scripture more. The Word of God is so powerful and meaningful to me, and yet, I don't spend nearly enough time doting on it. My friend Max wrote an amazing blog about Truth this week that left me hungry for more of God.

I like the feeling of knowing I can make improvements in my life without the weight of having to change things drastically. So often I burden myself with huge, unattainable goals that take forever to accomplish, so I never do. I really feel that the Lord has a lot to speak into me right now, and I'm ready to clean up a bit and clear some space in my life, heart and mind to truly hear Him the way I need to.

Also, this week, I got a beautiful kitten for my birthday. My husband is so wonderful and caring. He doesn't love cats, but he knew how much I truly wanted one. On Tuesday night after work, this little thing came into our lives

It's not the best picture (I'll have more later), but she is so dang cute. Her name is Spricket and she's a beautiful little 2 month old Maine Coon mix (mixed with what, we don't know). She is the most curious little booger I've ever seen, but she's incredibly friendly to us. She's already getting used to her new home, and I can't believe Robert literally bought me a cat haha.

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