Thursday, January 27, 2011

Blogs I love:

so funny I can't even handle it. Seriously I was in a bad mood, and now I'm not. Just read it.

Lauren is a friend that I cherish. She is beautiful, creative, and impressive in her ability to multitask. At one point in time, I kept her photos of her own bedroom up on my computer for a week trying to get inspiration to redecorate my own. Not stalkerish at all.

I don't know Max personally, but I know he is an insanely talented writer and unafraid of truth. I imagine his posts would be even more powerful if I were a man, but he's just flat out good.

My friend Heather's new blog that I mentioned in my last post. It's a new blog for a new marriage. She and her husband are newly married, young, and learning together. I'm excited to see what God has in store for them.

So that's it. As I start posting more and (hopefully somewhere along the line) getting some readers, these are people I like to hear from and places I draw inspiration from :)

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