Monday, January 31, 2011

Well I have officially failed in my early goals (see about 3 posts down). Robert and I went to my old house last night to clear out the last of my furniture and my belongings, only to realize I had forgotten my key for the house. Fail. And since I was running on only an hour and a half of sleep from the night before (thank you retail), I didn't feel like making a second trip back down. So we got home and I went to 7:30pm hahaha it was the most amazing sleep ever.

Tomorrow Robert and I (and hundreds of people within our church) embark on the 511 Favor Fast. Elevation is really good at catchy names (read: b90x, NewThru30, etc). Based on Luke 5:11, where Jesus gives the disciples an abundance of favor and provision, we are acknowledging that the Lord has done amazing things for us as a church and as a body, and we are pushing forward to receive and hear more from Him. So we are fasting for 5 days as Pastor fasts for 11. Altogether seeking God's word for our church. Robert and I are also seeking His word and provision for our marriage and our new life together. I'm excited to do something new in fasting with Him and see how God will use this time to speak life into us.

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