Friday, January 21, 2011

Getting married is the thing to do right now, I guess.
Our friends Carlos and Brittany got married this week, and they're having a house(apartment)warming party tonight :)

Robert and I went on a really lovely date this week. It was so simple and so satisfying.  We went to Chili's using a giftcard he got somewhere along the road, and then he watched me eat pinkberry for desert haha. It was our first real date since we've been married, and it was so nice to escape the busyness and the to-do lists of our life to spend some time with each other. I hope I always remember how important it is to date and be pursued by my husband.

I stand by my goals in my last post and have started thinking through ways to actually make them happen, but I also want to turn this blog into something more. I haven't shared it with anyone yet mostly because it sucks. But I do want to start taking pictures and writing and documenting. Usually when I try to set a goal to take more picture or write more or something, it falls through. Sometimes I try too hard. I'd like my life to have an easier flow, more inspiration, more creativity. And honestly, I'm in a good place for that right now. My husband is my biggest fan and greatest supporter. He wants me to do the things that make me happy and push myself creatively. We don't always share the same process, but we can always rejoice with each other when something new is discovered. I love that.
All that to say, I'm hoping to get this blog off the ground and adding more to it. I'm hoping to add pictures and information and life lessons and stories of my loving husband and our life together. Enjoy.

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