Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Today was a winning day for my wonderful husband.

He was very patient with me when I overslept today. He bought me a coupon (months ago) at a salon, so today I got a free manicure. The girl who did it was so nice, and by the time I left I felt like we were friends. Then, when he came home, he surprised me with flowers!! I always always want flowers and for some reason he just never gets them. BUT today he did and it was amazing. For some reason, he was really surprised at how much I loved them. Just goes to show you: when your significant other specifically says they want or like something, getting it for them will make them happy! Go figure :) And then he made the most delicious stir fry for dinner.

 my flowers :)

I love my husband.

In other news, I'm a sucker for marketing and packaging and too much of my money is spent on things that look cool. For example, I got lotion today.

Isn't it awesome?!
I love EOS. So crafty.

I also love purity because they put cute/witty/inspiration things on their labels. Or recipes, depending on the scent you get.
I'm a sucker for the package.
I'm starting to love stores like drug stores too much because they carry all the too-expensive almost-fancy brands. Honestly, I'm surprised I have any money left at all.


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