Saturday, January 15, 2011

Today was wonderful. I enjoyed a rare Saturday off. I slept in, cleaned up and folded laundry, and did a little shopping.

I've been wanting to get some sort of study or devotional bible for women or wives, and last week I found one! It kills me how expensive bibles are, but I talked to Robert about it and he encouraged me to get it.

It's so pretty! haha it's actually really awesome. It's not a study bible like the one I've been using but it has daily devotionals. It's made so you can go through the whole thing in a year, but since we're doing B90x, I'll just read them as I go. The devotionals so far don't seem to relate to the chapter or book you're reading. They're more like little life lessons or anecdotes or hymns. So far, I'm a fan. Plus, it's New Living Translation, which I've never owned before.

I also got the book, What a Husband Needs From His Wife by Melanie Chitwood (who lives in Charlotte. Who knew?).

I haven't started reading it yet, but Robert skimmed through it and seemed to like it. I had a hard time choosing a book to get because it's just so difficult to figure out who has legitimate things to say and who is just blowing smoke. So for now I just skimmed through some and picked on. But then again, that's how I choose most of my books. Why change? :)

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