Thursday, January 13, 2011

Well the sickness is finally passing away with a lot of cold medicine, ricola and water. I met with London today to go over the songs I'm singing this weekend at church and talk about the new year. Meeting with her is always great. She's like my boss in a way, but she's also a friend and a mentor and I really appreciate the time I get to spend talking to her and hearing her heart for the ministry of God in Charlotte.

So along the road of our engagement, there were always things Robert and I wanted to do once we got married. Things like books we want to read together, couples we want to meet with, stuff like that. So it worked out well when two of our closes friends (also our witnesses the day we got married) said they were going to do B90X to start off the new year. B90x is a play on P90x but instead of insane workouts, you do insane bible reading. Basically the goal is to get through the entire bible in 90 days. It's a challenging way to hear a fresh word from God about the bible. And I mean, it's really challenging. As I type, I should probably be reading because I'm about 4 days behind. I'm hoping it will get better as we get through the *pleasedon'tsmitemeGod* boring books. But really in the end, it's a great experience that helps Robert and I push ourselves to really be in the word every day for more than just a surface level 5 minutes. Click --> B90X to get the reading schedule and join us!


  1. 90 days!??!?!?!?!?! *insert phrase indicating suitable level of shocked-ness*


    I like that it has you read it in order. A lot of Bible reading plans don't seem to, and I never really got that, apart from that it would mix up the, yes, boring books. The first ones are so difficult to get through. I started reading through it in order on my own a good couple of years ago, trying to do some every day (but failing) and I'm still stuck somewhere in 2 Kings.

    How much time do you find it takes to get through each bit? This looks like something I would love to try although the schedule looks CRAZY!

  2. Haha that's the reaction that most people have. It's definitely a challenge. I was doing really well for a while but now I'm about 4 days behind. When that happens, it takes a couple hours to catch back up. I would say if you read about an hour a day, you're on track. You should definitely try it. It's a great exercise in discipline.

    Also, thank you for your "beautiful" comment :) so sweet.

  3. Hour a day.. yeah, it sounds like something I would love to do, but I think realistically there is no way I could (would) do it right now. I pray on the go a lot but I have trouble making 5 minutes of quiet time, let alone an hour. I'd like to give it a go once term ends though!

  4. it's definitely NOT easy. honestly sometimes i feel bad b/c it's not quiet devotional time. most of the reading gets done on my 30 minute lunch break at work. i just shove in some chapters whenever i can